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Smartdrop elite grey vinyl plank
Smartdrop vinyl from Fuzion
Smart Drop Elite tile from Fuzion
Rocky Mountain Smartdrop vinyl
Smartdrop elite+ vinyl from Fuzion

"Loose-lay" Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile - $3.19 to $3.99 per sq. ft.

Several colours available in stock!
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Easy installation and excellent waterproofing with Loose-lay Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile. Several colours available in stock at The Carpet Store Kitchener!

 Style Price Range
Rocky Mountain by Goodfellow $
Rapido by Beaulieu
Smart Drop by Fuzion $
SmartDrop Elite by Fuzion $$
SmartDrop Elite+ by Fuzion $$$


Call us at 519-743-6905

The new Looselay tiles do not use glue or staples or any kind of ClickLock system. Instead the backing of each tile is made with materials that use friction to effectively grip the subfloor beneath.

Loose lay vinyl tiles are completely dimensionally stable which means that they will not expand or shrink depending on moisture levels, so when you install them there is no expansion gap between the tiles and the wall, and therefore once you’ve got your floor in place, it just has nowhere to go. Loose lay vinyl is also super thick and heavy which adds to its ability to stay put.

If your area floods you can just lift up certain planks, dry the area, and lay down the vinyl again. Most believe that this Loose-lay style is better than click systems when it comes to water. 

Of course, as with all flooring, you will need to follow the advice from each manufacturer about correctly preparing the subfloor so that it is level and offers the right kind of friction. 

Give us a call to check out our highly recommended Loose-lay Luxury Vinyl flooring!

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