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Lay it, Glue it, or Click it? Which type of luxury vinyl is right for you?

At The Carpet Store, we often have customers who ask for luxury vinyl plank and tile, specifically requesting to see click vinyl.

Although we are happy to show them our click lock selection, we first ask questions to understand their reasons for requesting it. Often, customers are uncertain as to why they want to click, they’ve just been advised to get it or they’re unaware loose lay is an option.   

So, we ask questions and fill them in on different types of vinyl to ensure the customer understands the difference between click, loose lay, and glue-down luxury vinyl before they buy and install. Below are a few things to consider when choosing vinyl for your home, whether you are installing it yourself or not.  


  1. Loose lay and glue down are the fastest and easiest to install. Our installers love loose lay and glue-down installations to any other type of installation because it is problem-free and cleaner work than click, hardwood, carpet, or tile! Perfect for do-it-yourselfers! 
  2. Once click vinyl is installed, it is difficult to lift or remove without damaging the lock system. This is important because if a piece is damaged or needs replacement, you do not want to lift it up. With loose lay or glue down, it is easier to lift a piece up. Personal story here: a few days after my mother-in-law replaced the dusty rose carpet with loose-lay vinyl at her chalet, the lower level flooded. Although vinyl is waterproof and won’t swell, she noticed bubbling between the vinyl and the toilet. She decided to lift the planks up to allow the subfloor to dry with fans and simply wiped the plank dry with a towel. The plank was laid back down again with absolutely no damage. Even glue down is easy to remove; simply use a hair dryer to heat the glue to lift the plank or tile, then place it down again. This is important for spaces prone to flooding. 
  3. In addition to asking why someone wants to click vinyl, we also ask where it is going. LVT and LPT are better suited than click vinyl if your subfloors are uneven. This is because they conform to the inconsistencies of the subfloor, while click may have gaps underneath, causing stress on the joints and producing squeaks.  
  4. Click vinyl does have a more comprehensive choice of beveled edges giving the floor an even more realistic appearance.  
  5. Loose-lay is often less expensive than click. 


Staff Favourites: 

Loose lay and glue down:

Fuzion, Smartdrop 9 Medley 

Fuzion, Smartdrop Coffee Bean 

Beaulieu, Rapido Pescara  



Biyork, Hydrogen 5 Cashmere  

Biyork, Hydrogen 6, Tempted 

Grandeur, Atlantic 340-2


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