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Tile Trends: Go big or go home?

Why more customers think bigger is better 

A large tile, technically speaking, is when one side is 15 inches or longer.  

Tile sizes are getting bigger and bigger but the space they’re installed in doesn’t have to! Large format tiles are no longer just for commercial use; residential spaces are laying down the big stuff too. 

We’re seeing more and more customers interested in tile sizes 24 inches by 24 inches, 24 inches by 48 inches, and of course 12 inches by 24 inches too. Large tiles can be installed on not just the floors but walls too.  

Why our customers are attracted large tile: 

  • Large tiles can make a room feel smoother and more spacious.  
  • They can provide a more modern look and feel. 
  • Large tile printing has come a long way to replicate natural stone, concrete, even wood and fabric.  
  • Fewer grout lines create a cleaner, more streamlined look, especially if the grout colour matches the dominant colour of the tile. 
  • Big tile creates a bolder, more dramatic impact. 

Fun ideas for large tile application: 

  • Wainscoting in bathrooms and mudrooms.  

    • You won’t need to fret about long term water damage and unsightly scuff marks if you wrap your lower walls in tile.  
  • Fireplaces.  
    • Large tiles around a fireplace create a contemporary and sleek look, producing a striking statement.  
  • Shower walls and surrounds. 
    • Large tiles can make these smaller spaces feel more spacious with cleaner lines. Large tiles require less grout area, so grout joints nearly vanish. Plus, there is less grout to clean which is always a bonus!  
  • Floors, floors, floors. 
    • Generally installed in entrance ways, mud rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and walk-in pantries. We recommend matte finish which will help avoid slips  
  • Kitchen backsplash.  
    • Easier to clean off food splashes on larger surface with less grout.  
  • Feature walls.  
    • Don’t worry about the curling of wallpaper or scuffing up painted walls. Large tile accent walls add a luxurious layer to any wall.  
  • Outdoor kitchens and dining areas, sitting areas.  
    • Porcelain pavers are great and do not get slippers when wet.  

Keep in mind: 

  • Not DIY friendly – best to hire professionals 
  • Labour costs can potentially be higher. Large tile requires professional installation and usually two people to lift and place the tile – pieces are large and heavy 
  • It is more costly if a tile gets damaged. If the tile isn’t installed well, it can crack once everything is set. 
  • Outdoor tile must be strong and durable to withstand our seasonal changes 


We offer a vast selection of tiles to suit any style. Our expert team can help you choose and install the perfect tile for your space. Visit our showroom today!